Directional Drilling Company in Alberta

AABLE Directional Boring is a horizontal and directional drilling company serving Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia.

Our company has a wide range of directional drilling and excavation equipment, giving our team the ability to handle projects both big and small. The directional drilling equipment utilized by our company offers:

  • pipe installation capabilities of over 750 meters in length, and
  • a pullback weight up to 100,000 lbs

AABLE is much more than just a directional drilling company in Alberta. Our team is filled with construction experts that have spent years shaping the industry. Whether providing horizontal drilling services, hauling water, completing excavation projects, or offer input on other such construction companies that are having a positive impact around our communities, you can trust that our abilities and experience give us the opportunity to meet your highest level of expectations.

Our horizontal and directional drilling services can be utilized as a stand-alone service for a bigger project you wish to complete or as part of an entire project completion plan you are seeking. We have the tools, machinery, and dedication to help you achieve your goals.

photo of vermeer 100x400 directional drilling rig working in Alberta
Pictured here is the Vermeer 100×400 directional drilling machine, powerful enough to handle even the most challenging horizontal drilling jobs in Alberta.

A Leader Among Directional Drilling Companies in Alberta

When contacting AABLE, the first thing you will notice is that our team is committed to meeting your highest expectations when it comes to horizontal drilling needs.

Whether you are trying to plan a new well for your residential home or create a pipeline necessary for utility diagrams, our design team will work closely with you to help your plan materialize in an effective and efficient manner. We work diligently to ensure that we provide realistic project planning and time frames that work within your needs.

To give our customers and clients the results they can feel confident about, our team maintains a current level of expert knowledge and understanding of the updates taking place within the HDD industry.

This allows us to add the necessary equipment, tools, and design plans to our inventory that has allowed us to maintain a standing as a leader within the horizontal and directional drilling field.

One Service, Many Possible Needs

Horizontal drilling is required for projects in many different industries throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia. It is always a pleasure to work with our friends and neighbours throughout our service areas, giving them the opportunity to feel comfortable with their decisions to entrust their needs to our team here at AABLE.

Among the many projects and services, we have been able to take a proactive part in the following types of projects:


  • Parking lot boring
  • Road and highway drilling
  • Irrigation system boring
  • Conduit placement and fiber optic installation
  • Concrete coring
  • Utility pipeline installation
  • Petroleum and oil pipeline projects
  • Plant extension and repairs


  • Driveway boring
  • Under structure and foundational drilling
  • Pond and riverbed boring
  • Well drilling
  • Private utility locating solutions
  • Vacuum excavating
  • Trenching and irrigation system boring

Trenchless Installations are Just a Phone Call Away

The directional drilling equipment and services delivered by our team here at AABLE allows us to perform horizontal and directional drilling that has virtually no impact on the surrounding ground.

This allows us to operate a safer job site and provide you with a completed project that minimizes any unsightly surroundings to your property or job site.

Our customers appreciate the minimal impact that is made to:

  • Existing roadways and traffic flow
  • Landscaping
  • Factories and commercial building structures
  • Homes and dwellings
  • Driveways and parking lots
  • Sidewalks and walkways

When you encounter a commercial grade or personal project that depends on the need for horizontal or directional drilling for completion, we encourage you to contact our team of Alberta directional drilling experts.

We will sit down with you to create a plan of action and provide you with all information needed to make a well-informed decision for your HDD needs. It is our mission to ensure that each customer and client we have the privilege of working with is fully informed throughout the project.

Your input allows us to ensure that we can deliver the results that will meet and exceed your highest level of expectations for every project we take on.

Olds alberta hydrovac company with directional drilling services, water hauling, and more for your construction projects

When you need to safely expose underground cable, call Aable.

Hydro excavation, also known as hydrovac services, is a non-destructive method of excavation that uses high pressurized water to break apart soil to safely expose underground utilities for directional drilling projects, or during emergency excavation situations.

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Top reasons to choose directional drilling with Aable

Little to no damage done to the environment

Services can be installed in straight or curved lines

Servicing Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan

Wide range of equipment to handle the small and large jobs

We go under roads, walkways and public areas to minimize disturbances to everyday life