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Equipment We Use to Get the Job Done

Aable Directional Boring has been helping homeowners and business owners with top-of-the-class boring and excavation services in Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan for many years. Our reliance on nothing except top-quality equipment makes us one of the most preferred choices for boring specialists in the area.

Directional Drills

Here is a list of the directional drills that we utilize to get the work done:

Close view of a drilling equipment on a flatbed trailer


  • Model: 60x30

  • Thrust (ft/lbs): 4,000

  • Pullback (lbs): 30,000

View of Vermeer D36x50 horizontal direcitioal driil machine_edited.jpg

Vermeer (36×50)

  • Model: 36×50

  • Thrust (ft/lbs): 5,000

  • Pullback (lbs): 36,000

View of Vermeer D60x90 horizontal direcitioal driil machine

Vermeer (60×90)

  • Model: 60×90

  • Thrust (ft/lbs): 9,000

  • Pullback (lbs): 60,000

View of Vermeer D100x140 horizontal direcitioal driil machine

Vermeer (100×140)

  • Model: 100×140

  • Thrust (ft/lbs): 14,000

  • Pullback (lbs): 100,000

Our directional boring equipment offers pipe capabilities up to 750+ meters.

Other Equipment

Utilizing state-of-the-art directional drills has helped us provide our clients with satisfying results. We have also invested in other equipment like backhoes and hydrovac trucks to help you with comprehensive solutions. Our equipment includes:

View of an excavator and an a heavy-duty plowing machine on a flatbed trailer


  • Case 580 SM Backhoe

  • Case 580 M Backhoe

  • Hitachi ZX50 Mini Excavator

  • Case 760 Plow/ Trencher

View of Vermeer D40x55 horizontal direcitioal driil machine

Locating equipment

  • Digitrak Eclipse

  • Digitrak F5

  • Tensi-Track Pull Back Monitor

Side view of Hydrovac truck with logo of Aable Directional Boring

Hydrovac trucks

  • Ditchwitch FX60- Trailer Mounted

  • Kenworth Tandem Axle Vac

Top Reasons to Choose Directional Boring with Aable Directional Boring

Environment care icon

Little to no damage done to the environment

Directional boring icon

Services can be installed in straight or curved lines 

Building icon

Servicing Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan 

Backhoe Excavation icon

Wide range of equipment to handle the small and large jobs 

Drilling underground icon

We go under roads, walkways and public areas to minimize disturbances to everyday life

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