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Side view of a Hydrovac truck with logo of Aable Directional Boring


Hydrovac – the Safest Way to Excavate Underground Utilities

Hydrovac excavation, also known as hydrovac services, is a non-destructive method that uses high pressurized water to break apart soil to expose underground utilities for directional boring projects safely or during emergency excavation situations.


As one of the leading hydrovac companies in Western Canada, our team utilizes state-of-the-art vacuum trucks to complete this type of excavation service.


Protecting the environment and the property of our customers is a significant factor behind our hydrovac services here at Aable Directional Boring. It’s the safest way of excavating and works well even in the tightest spots.

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Back view of a Hydrovac truck on a worksite

An In-depth Look at Hydrovac Excavation Services

Excavating with a hydrovac truck is quite simple, and the results are impressive.


Our hydrovac trucks are equipped with a high-pressurized water hose that breaks apart the ground during the excavation. The water pressure is strong enough to break apart the soil, even in the coldest months, but not strong enough to damage the underground utilities.


Hydrovac excavation is typically a two-person job – one member controls the water hose and breaks apart the soil. Their team member assists during this process by maneuvering the suction hose, and removing the soil and debris from the excavation hole.


The excavated soil is hauled away from your job site to prevent an unsightly workspace. Once the project is complete, we can haul the dirt back in to fill in any holes for a finished look and safe work environment.

Who Benefits from Hydrovac Excavation Solutions?

We work with residential customers, utility service providers, oil and gas companies, and many others that span many industries. Our dedication to meeting the diverse needs in these communities has helped us build a solid reputation for hydrovac excavation solutions.


It is essential to understand the capabilities that are made possible when utilizing the latest equipment and training related to hydrovac excavation.


Aable Directional Boring helps our clients that are seeking solutions for:

  • Anode excavations

  • Cable fault repair pits

  • Curb stop building and repairs

  • Daylighting

  • Debris and sludge removal

  • Directional boring test holes

  • Digging with ranges of over 400 feet in length

  • Gas service installations

  • Frozen ground digging

  • Potholing

  • Pole hole boring

  • Piling hole boring

  • Fibre optic cable location

  • Water blasting

  • Service pit boring

  • Water main repairs

  • Subsurface utility servicing

  • Pipeline tie-ins

  • Pipeline crossings

  • Vibratory plowing

  • Well boring

Our hydrovac truck services are available to anyone in Alberta, British Columbia, or Saskatchewan.

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Saving Time and Money

You can feel confident that Aable Directional Boring will work hard to save you time and money on your projects.


Whether working with utility companies for safely exposing underground utilities or residential customers seeking cleaning excavation solutions, we work swiftly to find a design and project plan that meets your timeframe and budget.


The hydrovac equipment we operate and our technicians on staff allow our projects to move along much faster and make efficient use of our customer’s time.


Aable Directional Boring minimizes the disruptions to surrounding landscaping, building and structures, traffic flow, and other elements of excavation projects that can compromise priceless time and funds.


If you need hydrovac excavating services in Alberta, contact our customer care centre to set up an appointment with a project manager. We will provide you with the information you need, answer your questions, and ease your concerns about the project.

Truck for hydrovac excavation

Top Reasons to Choose Directional Boring with Aable Directional Boring

Environment care icon

Little to no damage done to the environment

Directional boring icon

Services can be installed in straight or curved lines 

Building icon

Servicing Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan 

Backhoe Excavation icon

Wide range of equipment to handle the small and large jobs 

Drilling underground icon

We go under roads, walkways and public areas to minimize disturbances to everyday life

Yes, We Can Haul Water for Your Construction Projects!

When performing services such as hydrovac excavation or emergency utility location, having the means to haul in the water necessary for these jobs is both economical and safe. Our transport trucks prevent the need for running bulky water hoses and finding sufficient water sources when on the job. We can help you with water hauling when you hire us for construction projects.

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